Sad Status: 100+ Latest Sad Status for Love & Life 2022

In this article, we are going to share with you Ultimate Best Sad Status for love and life in English or Hindi with Heartbroken Status, Alone Sad Status, and break up status.

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Although the words are not enough to express those love feelings sometimes a small sentence can have the power to express what’s inside and what’s hurting us. These two or four small liners’ sad status and heartbroken status can make you express your sadness, your lonely & heartbroken feeling not only in status but also in videos and Images.

This will help you to express what you feel: It’s too hard to love and it’s way too much harder than that to forget someone who we loved the most. We love someone, we care for them, we live for them and they just leave us heartbroken, alone, and sad.

You can find the Sad Status and Sad Status videos that suit your feelings and share them on WhatsApp Sad Status, Facebook Status, and Instagram Story.

Broken Heart Sad Status 😢

Love started from happiness joy and made you alive after a breakup now it makes you sad alone and heartbroken. The happy love once is just replaced by sad love after breakup. Here we’re sharing some of the Sad Status and heartbroken statuses for you the feeling you are dealing with right now. You can find love status in Hindi, love status in English, and also can find sad status videos in English.

Sad Status- Broken Heart

My gallery:
Full of your photos.
My playlist:
Full of your voice notes.
My heart:
Full of our memories.
My mind:
Full of your thoughts.
Yes, I’m madly in love with you. ” 😢

l am in a situation….
Neither I can cry nor I can smile”

Sad Status in English


I won’t call but I care,
I won’t text but I think of you every time,
I won’t meet you but I always miss you,
I won’t say you but I always love you.

Sad Love Status in English


I don’t want the whole World’s attention.
Your attention means the world to me
and it’s enough for me.

I like you,
but I’m scared you will hurt me.
I like you,
but I’m scared I misread all of your acts.
I like you,
but I’m scared you don’t feel the same.
I like you,
but I’m scared IIl like you more.
I like you,
but I’m scared…..I’m scared I’ll love you & you don’t love me back.

Sad Status in English

He was never mine,
But losing him broke my heart.

I care.
I always care.
This is my problem.

💔 Deep Meaningful Status for WhatsApp 💔

Sad Status abter Breakup

Let’s Express your Sad feelings from sad quotes in more deep meaningful words, That’s heartbroken status to sad heart touching Quotes you can share on whatsapp.

I’m Sad, hurt, angry mad, and disappointed.
But you know what?
I’ll put on a smile and move on.
it will hurt,
but I will Survive.

Fuck yeah!
I miss you. But then again,
Today’s the 1St day in almost two weeks I finally feel fucking okay!
Come back to me now, its time to come home; I’ve learned my lesson.

I should be over it,
but I’m not,
it still haunts me every day.

Sad Status for whatsaap.
Meaningful Sad Status

When I’m silent didn’t get enough sleep.
Waiting for something to be over.
Don’t have anything to talk about.
Overthinking/ over-analyzing a situation.
Upset or worried.
Falling apart.
Or all of the above.

We try to hide our feelings
But we forgot that our eyes speak.

Sad Status in English
Sad Status

Whatsapp Sad Status for Boys and Girls

The feeling of love is much different between a boy and a girl. boys express their feeling in a different way whereas on the other hand girls have their own choice of ways, words emotions to express their love. There is a difference of attitude among them when it comes to express their love, Whatsapp is so common and it’s easy to show your feelings through status and videos on WhatsApp. Find  2020 top sad and heartbroken status for boys and girls in Hindi and English.

Sad Ststus

Difference Between Boy and Girl after Breakup

I saw her today.I saw him today.
It seems like it’s been forever.I wonder if he still cares.
She looks better than before.I couldn’t stop staring at him.
l asked how things are going.l asked about his new girlfriend.
l’d pick her over any girl l’m with.He’s probably really happy.
I can’t even look at her without crying.He couldn’t even look at me.
I told her I missed her.He didn’t mean it.
I meant it.He loves his new girlfriend.
I held her for the last time.He gave me just a friendly hug
And then I went home and cried.Then I went home and cried.
I love him.lost her.
After Breakup Feeling Table

Top 10 Best Broken Heart Shayari for Girls 💔

Don’t compare a girl to another girl,
Bcoz every girl is beautiful in her own way.

A woman who opens her heart to love you,
When its already broken, is
braver than any
the person you’ll meet.

Steven Bemson

A woman’s heart is a deep Ocean of Secrets.

Sad Status for Girls
Sad Status for Girls

A woman’s heart is so pure,
you can break her heart,
And she will still love you with every broken piece.

If you were not qualified to say the word love is not taking her
Because love is sacrifice, patience, and fatigue.

What do you do when the only one
who can make you stop crying
is the one who made you cry.

It’s hard to Forget Someone
Who gave you so much to remember.

Sad Status for Girls
Status for Girls

crying is the only way
your eyes speak
when your mouth just
can’t explain how broken
your heart is.

Did you see?
I’m still here,
even if you broke my heart.


You knew I love you.
but you broke my heart

10+Ultimate Broken Heart Status for Boys 💔

Boys Do Cry
When They See Their Mother In Pain
Boys Do Cry
When Their Sister Leaves Them After Marriage.
Boys Do Cry
When They See Their Father In Trouble.
Boys Do Cry
When They Are Hurt.
Boys Do Cry
When They Are Heartbroken.
Boys Are Not Robots!!
They Too Have Feelings And Emotions.
They Just Don’t Show
But Boys Do Cry. 😢

Believe me.
Boys do cry.
Boys do have a heart.
Boys do have pain.
Boys do have virtue.
But the problem is it takes the right WOMAN
to see it.

Sad Status for Boys
Status for Boys

If a girl cries over a boy,
he means a lot to her.
But if a boy cries over a girl,
she musť mean the world to him.

When a girl cries over a guy,
She really loves him.
when a guy cries Over a girl ,
He will never love another girl like her.

Blank DP,
Empty status,
Hiding last seen,
Empty stories,
The modern way of telling
I’m not fine

Sad Status for Boys
Status for Boys

boys have feelings too, they too get
heartbreak, they are also very emotional
like us. they are not your boys that you
will play with their feelings. Boys also
deserve respect like us, Not every boy
is a criminal, rapist, n wants to flirt with
every girl. SOoo Iry to understand boys
if you will respect them they will also
respect you back.

Aparajita Sharma


Sometimes iť’s better to be alone nobody can hurt you

It hurts when you have Someone in your heart
but can’t have in your arms.

Dear Ex,
I won’t block you or delete you.
I am keeping you there,
so you’re able to see how happy i am without you.

Sad Status for Boys
Status for Boys

A Fact About Boys:
They may be flirting all day, but before
they got to sleep, they always think about
the girl they truly care about.
A Fact About Girls:
They may have lots of crushes but their
hearts belong to only one special guy.

Top 10 Sad WhatsApp Status in Hindi

Your own language helps you in conveying your feelings easily and it will work not effectively. Your friends and near ones understand your feelings by your status and videos which you share on WhatsApp Sad Status either in Hindi. In a Sad feeling, most people remove their WhatsApp display picture or search for sad WhatsApp DP to express their feelings. You can find sad WhatsApp status Hindi and heartbroken status in this article.

Timepass ही करना है तो Game खेल लिया करो,
Please किसी की feelings के साथ मत खेला करो।

लोगों को खोने से मत डरो,
डरो इस बात से की कहीं लोगों का दिल रखते रखते
तुम खुद को
ना खो दो…

मैं ये नहीं जानता में सही था या गलत
बस इतना जनता मेरी नियत साफ थी

Sad Status in Hindi
Status in Hindi

कितना मुशकिल है,
मनाना उस शख्स को…
जो रुठा भी ना हो
ओर बात भी ना करे…

जब इंसान की जरुरत बदल जाती है,
तो उसका आपसे बात करने का
तरीका भी बदल जाता है |

किसी को उम्र भर दर्द देना
हो तो बस इतना करना.
बेइंतेहा प्यार करके उसको
अकेला छोड़ देना.

Sad Status in Hindi
Status in Hindi

बहुत तकलीफ देते है।
वो जख़्म…….!!
जो बिना कसूर के मिले

कुछ बातें बताने से नहीं
खुद पर बीत जाने से समझ आती है।

रिश्तें उन्ही से बनाओ
निभाने की औकात रखते हों

गलतियों की माफी
होती है,
जान बूझकर दिल दुखाने
की नहीं.

Very Sad WhatsApp Status Video in Hindi

Sad Status in Hindi

Life sad status in English

Life sad status

Sometimes not only love but life can also be sad. Your sad life consists of a lot of feelings. It can be love, relationship within family , friendship , your love towards your work , your feeling about nature, your love towards yourself. In this life we go through a lot of phases and feelings everyday.

Not everyone get what they want in their life but one way or the other someone maybe depressed for something which maybe his need or want. These heart touching, sad status will make you feel motivated and might inspired you in your life to take positive step towards the ultimate goal of your life

Tears come from the heart,
Not from the brain.

When people treat you
like they do not care,
believe them.

People wait
All week for Friday,
All year for summer,
All life for happiness

Life Sad Status in English
Status in English

Nothing hurts more than realizing
He meant everything to you
And you meant nothing to him.

Life is very short,
SO break your silly egos forgive quickly,
Believe slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh loudly,
And never avoid anything that
makes you smile.

I wish I were a robot.
No feelings,
No pain.

Life sad status
Sad Status in English

My attitude will awayS be
based on how you treat me.

I Feel I’m missing,
Something in my life these days…

Best Emotional Status & Quotes

Emotion for each one is the same all of us have emotions in us but to express it, we all use different ways. From searching for sad emotional status in Hindi to searching for sad emotional Quotes in English or emotional status for love is a way to express those emotional feelings which we feel.

Faking a smile is so much easier than explaining why are you sad.

I wanna hold you,
I wanna kiss you,
You were my everything
And I really miss you

I want you back…

He was never mine, but losing he broke my heart.

He was never
mine, but losing
he broke my

I still love you,
But you don’t care …

Emotional Sad Status
Emotional Sad Status

I was the one
who loved you
even though
you gave me
a thousand
reasons not to.

You can’t buy love,
But you can pay heavily for it.

Henny Youngman

My heart was taken by you,
Broken by you
And now it’s in pieces because of you.

Emotional Sad Status
Emotional Sad Status

I feel like I’m waiting for
Something that isn’t going
to happen.

I’m hiding what I’m
But I’m tired of holding this inside
my head.

Sometimes all you can do is smile.
Move on with your day,
Hold back the tears and pretend you’re okay.

Sometimes the worst place
you can be is in your own head.

How can I go back to where
the smile I had was real.

Sad Emotional Love Status
Emotional Sad Status

I’m fucking hurt.
And don’t act like
you care
Because if you
You wouldn’t
have done
What you did.

I think of you.
I just can’t talk to you right now
I miss you.
I just can’t admit right now
I need you.
I just can’t. show you right now
I love you.
I just can’t tell you right now.

Admit it.
Most of the time we fall in love with Someone,
Whom we can’t have.

No Matter How You Behave
With People Around You,
They Will Love You
According To Their
Need And Mood.

Emotional Love status
Emotional status

Don’t cry,
because someone is falling in love
with your eyes.
Don’t scream,
because someone is falling in love
with your voice.
Don’t frown,
because someone is falling in love
with your smile.
Don’t hide,
because someone out there is
looking for you.

Unlimited Daily Updated Best Sad Status in Hindi

You can find daily unlimited status as per your mood, a daily update of status like love status,  sad status. You can find it here you can dedicate status to your partner on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

किस्मत में ना सही.
मगर दिल में हमेशा रहोगे तुम

कभी खुश तो कभी परेशान रहता हूँ,
हाँ मैं भी कभी कभी रखामरखां उदास रहता हूँ.!

दर्द तो वही देते हैं जिन्हें आप अपना होने का हक देते हैं
वरना गैर तो हल्का सा धक्का लगने पर भी माफी मांग लिया करते हैं

अच्छे होते है हम जैसे बुरे लोग कम से कम अच्छा होने का दिखावा तो नहीं करते।

Yogesh Maheshwari

माना नफरत है तुम्हे मुझसे, पर छोड़ कर तुम्हे जाऊ कैसे,
साथ रहने का वादा जो किया है,
अब बताओ उसको निभाऊ कैसे।

मैं जैसा हूँ नहीं वैसा बताया गया है,
मैं पागल था नहीं मुझे पागल बनाया गया है.

तुम जिसके भरोसे
दुनिया से लड़ पड़े हो,
अगर उसने ही साथ छोड़ दिया तो क्या करोगे.?

कभी मुसीबत हो तो याद करना,
सलाह नहीं साथ दूंगा.!

वक्त मिले तो बात कर लिया करो…
मौत का सीजन चल रहा है

पता नहीं कल मैं रहूं ना रहूं।
जिसको आज मुझमें हज़ारों ग़लतियाँ नज़र आती है।
कभी उसी ने कहा था कि तुम जैसे भी हो मेरे हो ।

Heart Touching Whatsapp video Status download

Here are some small video clips which will help you in your emotional phase of breakup and loneliness. My Blue Bond has various types of heartbroken Status and sad status and also heartbroken and videos.

sad videos

Express your feelings from sad quotes, heartbroken status to sad heart touching video you can share both on WhatsApp.

Download some of the best sad DP and hurt touching WhatsApp videos you can also download sad Shayari, sad Whatsapp breakup video, heartbroken WhatsApp clips, sad heart touching videos, and heartbroken sad quotes.

Find out more sad status in Other language

Sad Status in Other language

Not only with sad status but you can also use images and videos small clips on WhatsApp and express yourself. Heartbroken status in your language can help a lot to share your feelings of loneliness you can choose your language like if your language is Punjabi you can search for sad status in Punjabi if you order languages Gujarati new can search for sad status in Gujarati, likewise, if you are Marathi you’re can search for heartbroken and sad status in Marathi again if you’re Bengali you can search in Bengali for sad status and heartbroken status.

Express Your Deep Feelings with Language of Broken Heart
Express your deep feelings
Express your deep feelings

We all at some phase of our life have been through that heartbreaking phase where the heartbreak and loneliness are very heavy to deal with but with the thought of sad status and heartbroken status, you can express your deep feelings. You can also share this sad and heartbroken breakup status and videos related to them or any social platform this videos and also in your language so this can help you express yourself much easier

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